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06 Sep - 2018

12 Things to do when moving to new house

Moving to new house can be a stressful experience and financially draining too. To make it an easier process for you, here is a list of few important things that one should do before you move into a new house.

1. Update your address

The very first thing that you need to do is to update your new address on all important accounts like bank accounts, insurance company, credit cards, gas and electric companies. You can also tell your cable or internet provider to shift your connection to the new address.

2. Do any improvements or repairs before moving in

It will always be easier to get any repairing or improvement done in an empty house. You can take help of a professional or do it yourself. Activities like refinishing of hardwood floors or interior painting can be done easily when there will be no furniture set in the house.

Also, if the new house needs repairing of some pipes or wires behind the wall, it will be best if you get it done before you move in. Trust me; you will be happy that you did it before.

3. Get your posts re-directed

It is important to notify the postal department about your moving in to a new address so that they can re-direct all your mails to the new address. Otherwise, your personal information or important documents can get delivered to wrong hands.

4. Pack as early as possible

The day you move in is a hectic day and you won’t get time to pack your belongings. So, it’s better to pack your things as early as possible so that you are stress-free on that day and can focus on shifting only. Start packing with those things that you may need least till the time you move in.

5. Get final readings of your meter

Before leaving your old house, make sure that you take final readings of your meter and inform your suppliers regarding the same. It will help to avoid any argument regarding the electricity bill later on and will make sure that you do not get billed for someone else usage.

6. Label properly

This may be a simple and an obvious thing to do but most of the people often forget this in a hurry of moving in.

Labelling your boxes properly will help to organize the fragile items and find your belongings easily when you shift to the new home, otherwise, you may have to scatter all boxes to find things you are looking for.

7. Get new locks

One of the important things that you need to do is t o get your locks changed as soon as you move in to your new house. You may not be sure that who has keys of the existing lock. A copy of keys can be with the previous house owner, neighbour, friend or a relative.

Also, it will be better if you get few copies done of your new keys too and give them to your trusted relatives, friends or neighbour, so that it can be helpful in case of emergencies.

8. Check for insurance of new home

It is always worth securing your home and things against any loss or damage if your house is insured. So, check for the insurance of the new house. If already insured, you should check if the insurance covers the transit.

9. Take Photos of electrical settings

It is always a wise decision to take photos of the wires connections before you unplug them. It will help you do re-connections correctly and without any hassle when you will plug the appliances again in the new home.

10. Look out where rescue points are for emergencies

Emergencies can happen anytime and they won’t give you enough time to look out for rescue points. So, before you move in your new home, make sure that you check the rescue points, circuit-breakers and emergencies exits.

11. Get your house cleaned

Cleaning the house properly once the furniture and other things get unpacked will be difficult. So, it is better to get your house cleaned from every corner before you finally move in.

Invest some time in cleaning all doors, cabinets, shelves and drawers. Get your rugs and carpets vacuumed, clean the refrigerator, bleach the bathrooms and mop all the floors.

12. Keep seasonal list for home maintenance

There can be certain things in the new house which may require seasonal maintenance like for winters, you may need to get service of heaters done or for rainy season you need to clean the gutter. Make a list of it according to the seasons so that you can get it done on time.